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Sunny the Happy Fox 2

a story by Andika Hilman

Her friends tell her that she has a cute name.

Sunny also likes her name so much. She thinks her name fits her personality. She always wants to be a cheerful fox that can bring happiness to her friends. She wants to be like the sun that can make surround it warm. Sunny likes to listen to her friends' stories and compliments them to make them happy. She wants to share the love she has anybody who needs it. Sunny thinks it's a nice thing to do.

Sunny the fox has a pure heart. Sometimes because of her purity she does stupid things, like losing things, falling to the floor, hugging everyone she meets, and talking non sense. She is cute that way but some people are annoyed with her habits. Some people think she is dumb and incapable to have some serious responsibilities. They think it must be tiring to be always with her since she always need so much helps from other people.

Sunny never expects to be loved back by people that she shares her love to. Of course she likes it when she knows anyone likes her anyway. But because of that she doesn't notica that some people hate her. Unfortunately one day she found out the truth. She accidentally heard her some friends (I won't tell you the 'names') were talking about her. When hearing that they thought she was dumb, Sunny felt sad. In the bottom of the her heart, she knew that she was okay with any opinions about her. But somehow she just felt sad.....

After that moment, Sunny avoided her friends all day. She began to think what to do to change that, or at least, how should she reacts to that. Sunny walked alone to the river, but Minnie the penguin was there catching some fishes. So she leaved the river. Sunny then went to the hill but Cecil and Daisy were there singing and chatting. She saw that they seemed to have a good time, then she leaved again. She kept walking and walking to find a good place to be alone but there was always 1 or 2 of her friends there. The sky was getting dark and Sunny was getting tired. Finally she found a big tree and sat below it. Sunny took some rest.

Suddenly her friends Joy the owl came out from a hole of the tree. Sunny saw Joy but she didn't leave because she was too tired already. Joy saw her and said hi. Sunny replied uncarelessly. Joy noticed something was wrong with Sunny and asked her about her day. Sunny that really wanted to tell her feelings since in the morning finally shared everything to Joy. She told her everything she heard from her friends and how she felt about it. Joy listened to her carefully.

After the story was ended, Joy told her that everything was fine. She asked Sunny what made her feel happy. Sunny answered that it was to meet her friends and share her loves to them. Joy told her that she had a pure and kind heart. She didn't deserve to be sad by people judgements. Everyone had their strenghts and weaknesses and that was normal. Joy convinced Sunny that she would be okay just to be herself.

Sunny was really happy to hear all what Joy said alhough she only could understand some parts of it. She believed that there wouldl always be someone that cared with her. Eventhough probably she could be abandoned one day, Sunny promised to herself that she would always as be a nice and cheerful fox like she was now.

Sunny smiled to Joy and they realize that Sunny's problem had been solved. Then just like she always did with her, she listened to Joy's interesting stories. They also sang some songs that Joy teached her few days ago. After that they ran on the field (Joy flied) chasing each other and laughed happily until the sun rised.

That morning Sunny felt really happy........

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