Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

Why Suicidal Thought is Scary

People think that someone who wants to kill him/herself is simply losing hope. They don't.

People think they are miserable, weak, and has no power to continue living. But it's all wrong. You need big effort to kill yourself. You must need a really big motivation to cut your hand or just jump off a bridge. You need a clear mind to make a strategy because killing yourself is not easy.

Willingness is a must to have.

You have heard someone who fails his/her suicide, haven't you? It has been a common knowledge that you can fail to kill yourself. If you want to kill yourself you need to do it well to make it success and less painful. Some people who want to do suicide also think about people around him/her. They don't want to make them worry or scared. That's why they usually write a note to comfort people they leave. They also tend to hide theirself instead of suicide in front of many people.

It's not an easy task to kill yourself.
This looks scary, doesn't it?
That's why suicidal thought is scary. Not just because that person is so miserable that makes him/her to do that. But they also have a big motivation, willingness, bravery and a prepared heart to do that. That means they have a really strong reason behind their suicidal thought. You don't want to die if your life is just hard. You have to not having any other better option than suicide.

If you have a friend or know someone who has suicidal thought and you know there's still hope in his life (although it's soooo small), then you have to stop them! Do your best to convince that person not to end their life. DO YOUR BEST! Because suicidal thought will never be a weak thing. It's always a big thing with big motivation behind it.

That's what I want to share today. Love you al! sosxoxo

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