Kamis, 05 Januari 2017

Say LOVE to Continue

by Andika Hilman

You think I'm easy, I'm not. You think I'm a loser, you're wrong. I'm really sorry to dissapoint you, but I hide my identity too well. No one knows the hidden mask I save in my suitcase. No one knows the real color of my castle. No one knows what kind of dragon I hide behind it. No one knows it yet.

Well what does make you special enough to see that?

I never try to approach because I don't need to. I keep showing my weakness just because it's funny. I don't win games because it's boring. Kids these days are so imature. So annoying. I give love to anyone anyway. I love everyone because I can give you something greater. Can you even imagine something that more amazing than love?

Well what does make you special enough to feel that?
Congrats you win!

You win before even trying. Now please stop playing with my heart. Don't act nice in front of me like I'm your friend when you also give that signal to do more. Please stop! You make me crazy with that gaze, but you comfort me with a smile. You stop me everytime I want to say 'yes'. You keep running when I try to chase. Then I try to calm myself, control my feeling and stay cool. But suddenly you hold my arm like nothing happens. I know that look, you're doing something! Stop act like you know me.

Congrats you win!

I'm never this scared before to someone. I'm never this crazy to anyone. I don't know what kind of love you ask. Are you trying to make a love story that never written before? Are you the movie director? I'm not a little bishop on your chessboard. Do you even know how hard I try to satisfy you? Please, please stop! Eventhough I know when you release the chain that tied my neck, I will still follow you. 

I'm surprised with this game you're trying to play
I guess I can't do anything but accept it
Okay I'm ready to show you who truly I am!
I guess I'm also a winner before the game even begin....

You are special, I admit it. Thank you for playing!

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