Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

I... I Guess I... I.....

A poem by a.h.

You're so beautiful today
But why am I angry?
I feel anger everytime you come
What's wrong with me?

Why am I angry with you?
When I could be so in love with you before
The flame is not about love anymore
I'm just pissed, so fucking pissed

I wanna hug you
But I wanna punch at the same time
Right in your face
From the bottom of my heart

I don't know, I don't hate you
I'm sure this is not hatred
What you did wasn't even that bad anyway
I.. I...

Maybe..... I'm just disappointed
Maybe I'm realizing that you're not as perfect as I imagined
Or maybe I never fall in love this long before
I'm a really happy person now, you've totally changed my life

I don't know, dear.....
I just don't want to meet you today
I need my time alone, with my friends, with my life
I... I'm legit confused right now

Is this love???
Is this it? Long-term relationship?
You know, sometimes I feel like a cage when I'm with you
But if I had a chance to fly, I only wanted to do it with you

Yeah, love......

I guess I love you

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