Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

21 Years (English version)

Poem by Andika Hilman
Read the Indonesian version click here

21 years....
No matter how often I cry
Life will always go on
Problems will always come over me

21 years....
No matter how deep I'v fallen
No one will understand the meaning
No one will answer it

21 years....
No matter how big my willingness to help people
No one in this world can't be trusted
Human will always live for theirself

21 years....
No matter how wet my cheeks tonight
True happiness should never be an ambition
Crying never helps, no matter how often I do it

Even everytime I fell, hoping never helped
But then I hoped again, then fell again, and hoped again
Even for th next 21 years
Life will always be like this....

.....will never change
You get it, don't you?

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