Minggu, 25 Desember 2016

Sunny the Happy(?) Fox

a story by Andika Hilman

(I know you're smart, but I wrote this story in simple english to make it easier to understand. Here we go!)

One day lived a little fox named Sunny. She liked eating little octopus in the lake. Her color was orange. She was a cute and happy fox

Sunny had 8 unique best friends. Her 1st friend is Jenny the ostrich. Sunny liked Jenny because the way she running was funny. Jenny was a tomboy ostrich. Jenny cared about Sunny so much. Her 2nd friend was a penguin named Minnie. Minnie lived in an ice cave because she liked peace. Sunny often visited Minnie to eat fishes and octopuses together. Minnie was a nice friend because she liked to share her food.

Sunny also had a friend called Nina. Nina was a snow bunny. Nina liked to jump around and telling funny stories. Sunny was always happy around Nina. Sunny's another friend was Momo the racoon. Momo cared about food so much. She always dipped her food to the water before eating to make it tasted better. Sunny liked her because Momo liked sports, such as running and climbing tree. Sunny liked sport too like Momo. There was also a pretty giraffe cub named Cynthia. Althought she was so much taller than Sunny, but Cynthia was much younger than her. Sunny liked Cynthia because it was like having a cute little sister.

Sunny also friended with a tiger cub named Cecil. Cecil liked to sing and had a soothing voice. Sunny enjoyed singing together with her. They usually sang on the top of a hill. An eagle named Daisy liked to visit the hill too. When Sunny and Cecil sang, Daisy danced with full energy. Daisy had so many funny moves to show. Daisy liked to make people laughed, including Sunny. Sunny's last best friend is an owl named Joy. Joy was a cute owl because of her big eyes. In the middle night while everybody was sleeping, Sunny told her stories to Joy. Joy enjoyed chatting to her until morning.

Althought Sunny's friends had varied personalites, but Sunny liked all of them. Sunny's childhood was full of joy and happiness. But after few years Sunny grew up. She became a beautiful and sexy fox. She still liked her friends but she starting interested to male foxes. In the college Sunny met a handsome fox named Mark. Sunny and Mark liked each other. Long story short Sunny became Mrs. Mark. After marriage Sunny missed her best friends because she didn't meet them for a long time. But she felt grateful after marrying Mark and having children with him. Mark was a care husband. He was very romantic and liked to give her surprises. Sunny liked him because Mark always there when she needed him.

In the end Sunny was a woman too.

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