Sabtu, 17 Desember 2016

Reflection (Woman ver.)

REFLECTION (Woman Reply)
Puisi oleh Andika Hilman

Yes, the time has come
I've grown too
I've understood why I need love
My heart's starting to want it

You really just need to knock it
Together we will cry and laugh
You ARE the one, it's always you
But I keep sitting here like a dumb

I need an advice
I need my peppermints
I need my non-fictional prince
I don't need you to think twice

I'm looking for a little sun
I'm looking for a dangerous gun
I'm looking for my own demon
Yes, I'm looking for reflection


When I looked at the mirror
I knew out there you had been ready
For such a amazing feeling like love, but
I couldn't stop staring at the mirror

In this shiny day.....
This cruel world.....
This complex adventure.....
I wanna be your only reflection

Let me be your reflection

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