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How NOT to be a K-pop FANBOY

I hate being a fanboy.

Yes, I like Kpop and I am a big fan of some groups. But I don't want anyone define myself as a 'fanboy'. Why? Because simply I am not a male version of  'fan girl'. I am not a fan girl in man body?! There are much different things between me and fan girls in general. Let me explain more about that!
First of all, I am not sexualy or romantically atrracted with them!

When I like a boyband I simply like their performances and personalities. The same when you like a spesific comedian, youtuber or anime charater such as Naruto. They more like 'inspire' me. I'd like to have a deep and heart-warming relationship with them. Maybe just like a regular friendship, except without "real" interactions.

Well I am not gay but I'm not a homophobic too. Sometimes boybands in their MV or variety show, you know, act cute or look shirtless. I don't feel any sexual arousal or something like that while watching it. I just appreciate the art of their performance or their variety-show sense if they deserve it.
It's the same when I like a girlband. Yeah I think they are beautiful but it's never be my reason to be their fan. It's mostly because of their performances and personalities. And I never imagine to be their boyfriend, having a romantic dinner with them, ect. But I do feel like they bring big impact in my life. Sometimes I actually think that being a 'fan' is the furthest status I can get because it's somehow impossible to get more, such as legit friendship.

But they are really friendly to their fandom which is nice!

Also I have my own life too. I do have friends in real world! Being 'addicted' and being 'loyal' is much different. Eventhough being a 'fanboy' has its own experience. It's great indeed and I think it's totally normal. It's just hard for me to admit it to people that I'm a Kpop fan, even to fangirls! I can't say it out loud because they don't understand the logic of my reasons. There's always this stigma about fanboy equals with 'gay' or 'freak'.  I mean, it's okay to be gay or freak tho, everyone has their own choices. It's just..... I am not like that. I'm just a fan, that's it.

The funny thing about fangirl is they always have their most favourite song, album or even bias. I don't. Except if 'bias' means my personal inclination or tendency to one of the member, then yes I have. But it's always to say it because when I like a group I like them generally! I also respect anything they do in and mostly support it. But again, I'm not 'fangirling'!!!

Actually I'm so picky when it's about following a group. Sometimes I just like their songs, their persona on stage, or their appearance on show/movie. I don't want to easily declarate myself as a 'fan of someone/some groups. After +/- 10 years of knowing K-pop, I'm only a fan of two groups so far. But I do support another group or singer when they deserve it. And of course I don't hate or even attack other groups or fandom.
This article might have triggered you but before you get raged I want to say that I respect every choice everyone makes in their life. I think it's bad to easily judge something is good or bad. I don't like seeing this world in black and white. I'm just poor in english so I can't explain things very well. Another thing I want to say is in my opinion 'love' is not just for male-female romantic realtionship. Love is meant to be shared as much as possible to anyone. So if a man loves his man friend, that's not gay, but maybe that just means he cares so much about his friend. You know, like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson relationship in 'Sherlock' TV series. Right?

I hope this article somehow helps you to understand more things because it actually helps me to see things more clearly. Thank you so much for reading~ Support me by sharing this article or just leave tracks in comment section, I'll appreciate that ;)

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