Selasa, 13 Desember 2016


I am pure I am immature
I think much I like puzzle
I like art especially the weird one
I am closed too people because I trust people easily
I like loneliness I enjoy peace I appreciate silence
I thought I had cool-mysterious personality, I am not
I like cats I wish I have one
I prefer hard-copy book to reading on my gadget
I don't celebrate birthday since few years ago
I was born on Monday
I'm a perfectionist while learning things
I can't play any instrument I like singing and dancing
I like green, black and pink I like blue the most
I think I'm a liberalist
I punched my friend in the face in elementary school
I think white lie is not acceptable
I respect rules
I like (my) city
I believe in one Allah
I'd like to have a deep relationship with someone

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