Minggu, 27 November 2016



I just rewatched Sherlock S2E1 and I love it so much!!! Aw aw aw~ Shouldn't watch it tho because exams are coming soon, but really I still love Sherlock Holmes until today. I've read some of the books and I really like the visual interpretation of Holmes life by Cumberbatch cs. Sherlock Holmes amusing stories and charisma always encourage me too be smart and logical, and yes, I like being smart. That's always and will always be the way how people see me (I hope lol).

And I like how Irene Adler can make him weaker since I believe nothing in this world can beats Holmes's geniusness (except Moriarty and sometimes Mycroft). Love on the relationship between Sherlock and Irene really makes everything more challenging. That's why it's fun to keep watching the show because I, as the audience, need to know if Sherlock can manage his feeling not to beats his deduction skills. Damn I don't think I can stop watching it! I'm always CURIOUS what will happen NEXT???

I really enjoy watching the whole show. Really! Once I even hoped that I could be as great as him. Well, maybe not as a high-functional sociophatic hahaha....

What a silly mood-booster :)

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