Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

The Best Episode of THE SIMPSONS

I really love this episode of THE SIMPSONS Season 23: 'A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again'!!!

If you forget the episode, it's about Bart took his family to enjoy a holiday on cruise ship, when suddenly he realized that the joy he got there only last a week. Because afraid to go back in his boring life, Bart lied to all the passengers and ship crews that they can't land because there was an outbreak.

Spoiler alert: Homer then made Bart realized that FUN didn't have to be overthought, but to enjoy at the moment!
It was a really heart warming episode, especially the last scene. It was really nice to witnessed Bart in his old time feeling satisfied of his fun life time. It maybe look so nice because Bart had imagined about his boring and dissapointed life that he remembered when he was old. And that imagination was replaced by the good one.
I guess I'm just happy to know that Bart is happy hehe :'

This is one of my favourite episode. What's yours? Please share it because I want to know :)

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