Sabtu, 10 September 2016

Throwing Up in The Morning

I saw something that made me wanted to threw up this morning..... and I love it!

It was “her”, a girl that I’ve had crush on for long time. Today I saw her came into class with full make up. She had thick powder on her face and I can see her face became unnaturally white. I saw that and I thought it was disgusting. *hoek... I mean I always think that she is perfect, naturally beauty, has good manners, good attitude, life style, ect. Just..... PERFECT! But today she is not like that. I was happy tho because it helped me to moved on from her.....

But maybe you’re wondering about why should I move on from her. Because I think some women are just perfect. And perfect women are for pefect man. I know I’m not perfect. It’s kay, actually I’m always trying to be imperfect. I want to be more ‘normal’. I want to be myself and I’m proud of it! I’d rather be myself than be with a perfect girl like her. I like my decsion, it’s just..... kinda hard to move on from such a girl like her.

*throwing up

[Ruang kuliah Obgyn RSDS Dr. Soetomo,
Kamis, 8 September 2016]

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